Candidates for an elite fighting force must qualify on a planet of truth.

Vaughn Killian must hide his past as a ruthless rebel fighter at the risk of imprisonment.

The Carthenogens, “saviors” from another planet, assumed total control of Earth by preaching peace. Eighteen-year-old Vaughn Killian, son of the US ambassador to Thailand, knows otherwise; they killed his parents, forcing him to survive as a rebel for two hellish years in a purge of Bangkok.

Now millions are dead and thousands are disappearing in massive airlifts every day, and Killian saw it all. The almond-eyed tyrants have a stranglehold on that information, all militaries, and the world at large.

Killian is determined to “resist to the death” and seizes the opportunity to join Black Saber, an elite cadre formed to oppose Carthenogen tyranny. To qualify, he and eleven other candidates must undergo a trial mission on Planet Veritas, a rugged mining outpost where the atmosphere makes people reveal their true selves. Killian must keep his past a secret at the risk of imprisonment. It’s a hard thing to do with a body full of scars—especially when Stiles Kerrington, an entitled son of a former US vice president, has singled him out for disqualification. If he fails the mission and can’t continue the fight, he’ll be jailed while the docile population on Earth is consumed, one city at a time.

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Henry Brown, Author “False Flag” & “Hell and Gone”

“As a whole, Mission Veritas is far superior to anything the Hugo-nominated authors of the last two decades have foisted on us. It’s nice that the democratization of publishing has allowed entertaining fiction like this to slip past the gatekeepers and into the hands of readers.”

Ian Douglas, New York Times Best-selling Author
“Realistic military Sci-Fi, introspective, hard-edged, and with just the right touch of paranonia.”

Nathaniel Danes, Author of “The Last Hero”

“The definition of a character driven novel. It starts with action, tension and keeps it to the end.”

Jason V. Brock, Author, Disorders of Magnitude and
A Darke Phantastique
“In author John Murphy‘s multifaceted novel Mission Veritas, readers are treated to an epic adventure in the hard science fiction/military tradition.  Drawing on various political and social complexities, this is a sweeping epic in the manner of Heinlein and Drake, and provides not only entertainment, but food for thought.  Impressive.”

Robin Ryan – Best-Selling Author of “60 Seconds and You’re Hired.”

“The key to great storytelling is developing engaging characters and a good plot. Murphy has both in this fast-paced  SciFi military tale.”

D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
Mission Veritas is a riveting blend of military fiction and space invader drama, and while the main protagonist is a teenager, to call this ‘young adult’ reading or limit its audience to teens would be wrong on so many levels. Adults will find it equally captivating; especially as action involves Vaughn’s entry into an elite group of resisters known as Black Saber, who train their members on a rugged planet, Veritas, where secrets are hard to keep.


5StarsLike “Starship Troopers” but intelligent. Murphy creates an imaginative universe with an action-packed agenda we only begin to explore. It’s not Dr. Zhivago, it’s sci-fi action and he doesn’t disappoint. The science fiction isn’t reserved to the setting in space-Murphy has created a world and dilemmas that separate his work from the fantasy that so often passes for science fiction these days. It reminded me of the beginning of Starship Troopers, but intelligent. As the title implies, it looks like the author intends to write a series, and I find myself wishing the next chapter were already written, but I’m glad it’s not because I’ve got too much to do. That’s the mark of a good summer read. Good first effort from a promising novelist.


BAM! – I was quickly engaged and on board for a great adventure. Part Tom Clancey, part George Lucas. Can’t wait for two and three.”

5StarsFantastic read!!! – If your a long time fanboy or even new to the sci-fi genre your going to love this book. The book had me at the first page and did not let go. The characters, especially the lead Vaughn Killian, are captivating and very interesting from the outset. The plot was refreshing twist to genre. I can’t wait for the next installment in the series.”

5StarsA Wild Ride of a Read — A Futuristic Story for Readers of All Genres – I am not normally a SciFi fan but this story kept me turning each page, so this story should appeal not only to SciFi devotees but also to anyone who enjoys a good compelling story. I particularly liked how the author related events that could very well happen here on earth to a futuristic setting.”

5StarsHighly Recommend – As a primarily non-fiction reader, I decided to color outside my normal literary lines and experience Mission Veritas. Not far into the book, I found myself alongside the protagonist, pulling for him…and wondering what the future held for him. Those (like me) who avidly follow current events will find this book hard to step away from. When I was between chapters, my mind wandered into the allegory of what this work is really about. Veritas means truth. Phrases like, “The truth will set you free.” and “You can’t handle the truth!” are well known. Mission Veritas challenges us to dig beyond these clichés…to ask ourselves if the truth really matters…and if so, why? There’s a lot at stake decades into the future in this book. There’s a lot at stake here on Earth in 2015 as well.”

5StarsDifferent but quite good – The book is different from the usual science fiction in that earth and humans are not the superior race. The aliens are benevolent, kind and peaceful, but there are strange under currents going on in the book. As you read you learn some of them, suspect others and watch young recruits learn in a training mission that everything may not be what it appears. This book was worth the $5

5Stars“Mission Veritas Takes Off! – Thumbs up for John Murphy’s “Mission Veritas”! This story is a great balance between good and evil. Vaughn Killian goes from unassuming teenage kid to freedom fighter with peril at every turn. Highly recommend.”

5Stars“A Truly Enjoyable Read – As a regular reader of both science fiction and military/espionage novels, I was pleasantly surprised at how Mission Veritas was able to merge the two genres. As a father of two sons that are avid video gamers, the book reminded me of Halo/Gears of War, only with a better story line. The pace of the story was just right – fast, but easily readable. The ending left me hungry for more. I think John Murphy has established himself as force to be reckoned with in the world of Sci fi reading. I’ll be eagerly awaiting Book Two.”

5StarsI need more! – I was fortunate enough to be referred this novel as it has quickly become one of my favorite books. An engaging experience from start to finish, the unique characters compliment and contrast each other in a perfect display of human relations. My only gripe is that there isn’t more to satiate my desire to read about this wonderful new story universe. As an Airforce man myself, being able to relate to the interactions of freshly churned BMT graduates was a fun surprise. On the whole, a great book and a fantastic author. Can’t wait for the next in the series!!!

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