My name is Vulgus.  

I have a cache of mid-twenty-first century computers that had been powered off and stored before the Global Alliance swept the World Net clean of independent human writings about Carthenogens. I have salvaged millions of documents exposing the debate over Carthenogen influence. Here is the best summary I found from a database called Omniscience commonly used during the times before complete Carthenogen control.

Omniscience Article: Circa 2041

Summary: Carthenogens are a race of superior beings from the planet Carthogena. Although their public, world wide appearance happened after China launched a nuclear strike on neighboring India, their presence has been documented, upon careful retrospective analysis, throughout human history. Their “arrival” on, what was later named Renaissance Day, brought an immediate end to the growing hostilities between several adversarial nations. Under the guidance of the Carthenogens, the leading nations of the world formed the Global Alliance to bring about lasting peace. Conflicts, from that point forward, have been successfully settled through diplomatic negotiations, resulting in an unprecedented period of peace lasting longer than 40 years without war anywhere.



Non-Interventionist Policy – The Carthenogens have been with us throughout human history. However, they have long held a policy of non-intervention in human affairs with respect to human conflicts. As explained by Carthenogen historians, they let humans behave as humans do, which is decidedly war-like, even at the expense of human suffering and mutually inflected atrocities. An unfortunate result of this policy is that humans have killed one another by the millions.

When nuclear technology was weaponized in the mid-twentieth century, and nuclear bombs were dropped on two cities in Japan by the Americans, the Carthenogens, their historians tell us, modified their policy somewhat, as a preventative measure, should humans take steps toward total annihilation of the humans species, along with the rest of living creatures on our planet. As a precaution, Carthenogens began “introducing themselves” to humans by leaving evidence of their existence, and let humans carry out another of their traits, which is to convince one another that there is, in fact, other intelligent life in the universe. Word spread like wild fire, and within a few years, Carthenogen likenesses became commonplace, even celebrated and depicted in entertainment. In subsequent years, surveys of citizens in the world’s major nations, a growing percentage of the population believed in them absolutely, another large percent believed in the possibility of them, while a still sizable percentage held fast to religious beliefs that humans are divine and uniquely intelligent in the universe. Despite firm belief in their religions, even a large percentage of those withheld their outright denial with an agnostic attitude that “all things are possible in God’s universe.”

Their non-interventionist policy was tested throughout the latter part of the twentieth century as nuclear (and biological) weaponry grew exponentially. By the end of the twentieth century, some 100,000 nuclear weapons were documented to have been created. Although treaties between major nations withdrew “active” stockpiles of “nukes” to a fraction of their peak numbers, each of those nations kept their weaponry in a deactivated, yet ready to assemble status.

The Carthenogens’ non-interventionist policy was suspended completely when, in the early third of the twenty-first century, hostilities escalated dramatically, between vehement rhetoric and small scale battlefield conflicts. At the first launch of what analysts around the world believed a prelude to complete unleashing of nuclear weaponry between hostile nations, the Carthenogens broke their policy and intervened. The world was in shock that a nuclear device had been finally used, even after decades of mutual restraint. The following day, Carthenogen ambassadors appeared in capitols around the world, virtually simultaneously. The world was again shocked by this move and hostilities ceased, hence Renaissance, or “rebirth”.

photo credit: IMG_0661 via photopin (license)

photo credit: IMG_0661 via photopin (license)

The Global Alliance – In the following days and weeks, the world’s leaders and intellectuals gathered in Switzerland for the first ever worldwide peace conference. A treaty, crafted by human delegates under the guidance of the Carthenogens, establishing a commitment to de-escalation of military positions, and the formation of the Global Alliance. It  is similar to the predecessor organization called the United Nations, but under the close supervision of a board of Carthenogen ambassadors and human delegates representing each nation, and major economic interests. This board was later named “The Seminitore Society”, or simply “The Society”. In addition, each nation was required to contribute a portion of their military resources to the Global Alliance Defense Force (GADF) to have human intervention in any conflict situations between nations. To date, this has never been necessary. The mutual training of military personnel in maintaining the peace has proven to enhance cooperation and multi-cultural understanding, further dissuading hostility.

An important aspect of the Global Alliance charter is that each nation is free to maintain autonomous militaries, thereby allowing each nation a sense of sovereignty. Each nation contributed a portion of the military resources to the GADF, thereby ensuring every nation had an active stake in maintaining peace. Smaller nations without sufficient means to create or sustain an independent military force would, just the same, provide personnel and resources to the GADF.

Global Alliance enacted two significant provisoes. One is the moratorium on human weapons development. The various militaries were allowed to maintain their weapons as defense systems at their state at the time of enactment, less nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction. However, they were prohibited from developing any new weaponry. The other proviso was that Carthenogens would not allow any of their technologies to be used for destructive purposes. It is widely believed that the Carthenogens possess superior weapons, as evidenced by every other aspect of their technology, but, to date, no one has ever seen them or heard of any actual use.

In a commemorative move of gratitude, France donated its historic, Notre Dame, to be the regular meeting place of The Society. Shortly thereafter, the site was renamed, “The Shrine to the Original Race.”

The Original Race – The Carthenogen historians illuminated humankind in the history of intelligent life in the universe. They described to us several races of intelligent beings, many of which are decedents of the Carthenogens, hence, their moniker as “the original race.” The Carthenongens, over the millennia, colonized over one hundred habitable planets. Off-shoots of their race adapted to each respective planet’s unique environment, resulting in mutations of their colonist progeny to become vastly different from one another, yet each race having its common “humanoid”, or rather, Carthenogen roots. Once established, each colonized planet evolved “organically” resulting in their differentiation of races.

One such offshoot, humans, fell far behind the development realized by other colonized planets as humans had a tendency toward violence, both in small scale of interpersonal conflict, and large scale, between vast numbers of our kind. It is uncertain as to what on Earth contributed to human tendency toward violence, but Carthenogens have been studying the problem throughout our existence.  The majority  of other colonized planets developed more peacefully, and their innovation in the sciences excelled (by comparison with our own), enabling them to achieve interplanetary space flight and commerce centuries before humans enjoyed flight at all.

Many of the races from other planets possess the technology which enables them to reach our planet. However, Carthenogens have prohibited any of them from visiting us. This is specifically to inhibit human’s violent tendencies from “infecting” the other colonized races.

Human advancements – Humans advanced independently in things related to wars. Yet, they have admitted, that they have shared their own technologies, in “spoonfuls” to allow human health and well being advancements at a gradual pace to prevent cultural disruption. The discovery of fire and early agriculture, they have explained, were the result of Carthenogens’ “helping hand” for our own betterment. They introduced to us electricity, communications, combustion engines, the dynamics of flight, complex electronics, computers, even our early telescopes. They also explain that nearly every invention they helped us to achieve (largely by telepathically imbuing ideas into the minds of inventors), humans found ways to weaponize these advancements for our own violent ends. They’ve explained that the net gain for each advancement was for the better, despite our nefarious adaptations.

Indeed, since Renaissance Day, Carthenogens have been much more open with sharing technologies which has turned our organic, if anemic, technological advancement to extremely rapid, revolutionary advancements. They contend that they would not have ordinarily done so were it not for careful “shepherding” by the Carthenogens and Global Alliance framework.

On our own and prior to Renaissance Day, humans had managed to reach space, sending unmanned probes to the outreaches of our own solar system, even sending manned missions to Mars, with great difficulties, expense, and peril. In the few decades since, humans have conquered several hurdles that were otherwise considered impossible.  With the sharing of artificial gravity and propulsion technologies, humankind has been able to reach other planets. So much so, that humans have colonize otherwise uninhabited planets for mining and tourism purposes. By human historians estimation, the our advances since Renaissance Day are orders of magnitude greater than all our “organic” human development. All the while, Carthenogens have kept a watchful eye on human use and adaptations of these shared technologies, never allowing exploitation of these technologies for militaristic advantage. Still, under their “soveriegn nations” policies, the Carthenogens have allowed certain technologies to be employed for military purposes, primarily in policing and protecting the rapidly expanding field of interplanetary mining and tourism. While Global Alliance has controlled “sea lanes”, to borrow an arcane phrase, other human entities have, in accordance with our nature, sought to steal and plunder legitimate business enterprises. Again, Carthenogens have left “policing of the skies” to human hands. It is also believed that races from other planets have surreptitiously joined in on piracy, while they are officially prohibited from engaging with humans in any legitimate commerce.

Final04Carthogena – This is the name Carthenogens have given us to describe their home planet. As described by Carthenogen historians, it is a “utopian” society, a term used solely for our own understanding. To them, Carthenogen society is how things have always been, without war, conflict, and teeming with prosperity, and, all the while, living (non-destructively) within a planet’s environment. To help us understand, they describe it like Hong Kong, a melting pot of commerce, albeit simplistic. While they have representation of each race of their otherwise colonized planets, they are not permitted to migrate to Carthogena in any substantial numbers so as to maintain the cultural purity of the Carthenogen race. Every planet, that is, except our own. Humans have never been permitted to visit, nor even see visual images of Carthogena, as we are not at a sufficient level of civility to handle it. Instead, they are slowly bringing humankind up to a level of peaceful society where we can, someday, be introduced to and learn from their civilization first hand. Until then, humans are kept isolated from theirs and other colonized planets. They are doing their best to replicate the social infrastructure of the “home planet” of Carthogena, for our benefit, and for the benefit of other peaceful planets.


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