Today we are happy to address some of the questions frequently posed by readers and fans of Mission Veritas.

Author, John Murphy

Author, John Murphy

If you have more questions, feel free to post them and we’ll include them in a follow-up interview.

NP_Killian_smQ: Do you have anything in common with the main character in Mission Veritas, Killian?

A: Besides being “related” in a fictitious sense? Yes. Like many stories, the character arc of Killian mirrors my own life in roundabout ways. This is true for a lot of authors and the characters they create.



Q: You’re on a long flight to Planet Veritas, and you can only bring one book. What would it be?Plateau_Scene05

A: That’s a tough question to answer. I like Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Steven King, Brad Thor, and a new one that I found, Jason Hough (like rough). Since I couldn’t narrow down the list, I wouldn’t bring any. I’d write something new.


Q: How well do you think you’d do on Mission Veritas?

A: Twenty years ago, I think reasonably well. If candidates behaved like they do on various reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and others, where people scheme against one another, I’d be voted off the planet in the first go-round. I’m more of a team player, supporter, and encourager, not a backstabber.


Q: Who is your favorite author, science fiction, or otherwise?

A: Brad Thor. Granted, he’s not sci-fi, but there are lots of different kinds of cake in the world. I admire Brad as a writer because he’s good at pacing the action throughout his stories, and the bad guy always gets it in the end. Plus, he writes “faction,” rather than just fiction. The topics covered and information conveyed has a ton of facts, often disturbing, about what’s going on in the country and world that everyday people have no inkling of. For example, we now know that the US government is spying on our communications, gathering it all up, and storing it at a massive server farm just outside of Salt Lake City. I learned about that and why they’re doing it from Brad’s story Full Black, about a year before the facts broke in the news. Who knows how long he had that knowledge before the book release? Probably at least another year, maybe two.

This guy has garnered incredible access to fans who are important people in the military, intelligence, real spies, and more. So jealous! But, I feel for the guy because he probably knows a great deal of really scary stuff that keeps him up at night.

Brad’s spot at the top of my list is secure because of one of his blog posts. His wife had taken a picture of him at a truck stop called “Grumpy’s” with the caption, “Look, a place named for Brad!” My wife made sure I saw his post. I wonder why. Authors . . .


Q:  If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?

A: Brad Thor. It would be great to pal around with some of his contacts.


PT03Q: What’s your favorite science fiction movie?

A: In the last ten years, I like the Star Trek with Chris Pine as Jim Kirk. Not only does it have great action and story, but the protagonist (Kirk) doesn’t undergo some kind of character arc that makes him all mushy at the end. He’s a badass at the beginning and a badass at the end, and he wins!

Another recent favorite is Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The writing was magnificent with lots of twists and turns, yet they kept it all straight for the viewer. It was brilliant. Unlike Inception with DiCaprio, where you needed to take notes while watching, even the third time through, or was it the fourth time?

Before that, Starship Troopers. I didn’t like the book nearly as much because I had already seen the movie ten times, and read the book only once.


Q: What can fans of Mission Veritas look for next?  A Sequel?NP_Goreman_sm

A: I’ve already drafted book two, but haven’t decided on the title yet. There are a great many clues I planted in Mission Veritas, and if you read it twice, you’ll see the clues that you missed the first time around. I’ve planted some seeds that won’t be revealed until book three. There are a great many questions I deliberately left unanswered in Mission Veritas, like, “Who is Amelia Goreman?”

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