Every school child learns about the Carthenogens and how they’ve been mindful shepherds for humans throughout our history.

We are told that they have always conducted themselves with a “non-interventionist” policy toward human affairs. Their role was to purely observe us, “as humans might observe an ant farm.” I’m certain this phrase has been uttered by every school teacher for decades.

I have a cache of computers, powered down and hidden away before “unauthorized discussions” of Carthenogens became illegal. On these computers, I have found a great deal of articles by historians in a frenzy trying to review and revise the known history of the day, and find evidence of Carthenogen influence.  Some things were blatant, such as the pyramids, commonalities of ancient art,  and crop circles. But others wrote about how the Carthenogens had not only intervened from time to time in human events, but that it was their intended policies. So, their own portrayals of leaving human beings to themselves is an outright lie. They have, at the very least, muddled in human events, and, at their worst, facilitated many of history’s most egregious dictators to  perpetrate huge atrocities on humankind.

Such lines of discussion were short lived. I can only imagine what happened to those historians.

What is most angering is the Carthenogens have the audacity to portray their muddling as being friendly gestures of sharing their technologies out of shear benevolence. Throughout my childhood, I was taught that the Carthenogens were secretly responsible for great inventions, such as controlling fire, the wheel, machines, electricity, motorized transport, mass production,  human flight, communications, computers, and atomic energy. I believed all this to be true, that the Carthenogens were the instigating factor behind inventors, providing them with a little nudge, implanting ideas, making certain experiments work, thereby leading these scientists and inventors, almost by the hand, to their discoveries. It appears, according to their propaganda, that humans were nothing more than puppets and pawns manipulated into materializing Carthenogen technologies. If the Carthenogens were so benevolent, why not just hand this stuff over to us. Why leak things to us over time? Why not bring us up to a level of technology all at once.


Once you know the truth about them, the contradiction  between their benevolent facade and their actual annihilation of millions of humans can drive you mad.

Start by assuming everything you’ve learned about Carthenogen “lore” to be a lie. When you do, you start to see large gaps in their stories, things that are otherwise inexplicable, unless you assume their mal-intent.

I cannot explain it all, I am still piecing things together myself. The only thing I know for certain is that Carthenogens have been the opposite of good for humankind. They have been bad for us, very, very bad.


Resistere ad mortem



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