To begin with, I will recite for you what I had been drilled in school since I can remember. Then I will start to share with you summaries of the hundreds and thousands of articles from journalists and historians between the time of Day One of our new calendar, roughly the early 2030’s, according to date stamps using the old calendar, through about 2040, when the computers I have discovered last were powered down. Thank God they were locked up in dry storage in a basement. Other than a few bugs that crawled out when I powered them up, over 35 years later, they worked right away. For quite some time, I could their smell dried up, crispy little carcasses as the computers warmed up.

So, here’s a quick rendition of what all school children learned each and every year, from pre-school through Level 12.

Carthenogens have been with us since before humans began recording history.

Humans were extremely violent and the world was immersed in constant war for 5,000 years.

Humans bastardized the Carthenogen gift of nuclear energy and, being the perverse, war-like species we are, humans invented bombs that could melt entire cities with one bomb. These bombs could make people disappear in superheated dust in an instant, and kill all life in the area for centuries. We built over 50,000 of them.

Carthenogens watched in horror as American military dropped two of these bombs on Japan. They decided it was time for intervention. However, they didn’t want to startle humanity by just showing up, so they started a careful program to slowly introduce us to their existence by leaving some debris and long-dead comrades in New Mexico. From there, the “desensitizing” of the masses to extra-terrestrial life began.

Carthenogens, always watchful over us, altered their health check protocols of evaluating people from around the world. Whereas they used to wipe memories of people they scooped up to run medical tests, they began to not do so, with the intent of people spreading the word.

The desensitizing program worked; the word spread like wildfire. On the precipice of their big introduction, the majority of citizens around the world believed in their existence.

In the third decade of the third millennium of the old calendar, humans were demonstrating, yet again, their incessant warlike nature. Several nations were demonstrating open hostility toward one another.  Alliances were based on “enemies of my enemy”. China launched a first nuclear strike against their centuries old foe, India.

India was on the brink of retaliation, the Carthenogens saw that we were about to wipe out all living beings on the entire planet, and decided to take action and step in. They magically appeared in the capitals of the major warring nations.

All hostility ceased.

The Carthenogens brought all the barbaric parties together and came up with the Global Alliance so that all conflicts could be solved before they started, over a conference table rather than a battlefield.

And we all lived happily ever after.

The Global Alliance, under the careful guidance of the benevolent Carthenogens, brokered peace at every turn, and we’ve never had war since the Carthenogen’s big reveal.

So that’s what the history videos we watch every year tell us in greater and greater detail the older we students got. As well, the videos of the “5000 years of war” became more and more gruesome the more “ready” the student.

Like all good children, I could recite this in my sleep. Even the kids who dropped out believed all of this more than they believed any other thing in their lives. It was truth to us, a given, who would possibly question any of it?

It occurred to me, one day, as I was a in the midst of Level 12, “How did we become such a teeming population?”

At the time the Carthenogens appeared, Day One, the global population was close to 10 billion people. If we had been at constant war for 5,000 years, how could the number of people grown so large?  One would think that if we had been killing, killing, killing each other, we would have caused our species to become extinct.

From that very moment, sitting at the edu-plex, staring at the screen like the obedient, rule-following student I had always been, my life unraveled into a torturous nightmare.


Resistere ad mortem



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