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Over Fifty “Five-Star” Reviews!

“Realistic military SciFi, introspective, hard-edged and with just the right touch of paranoia.”
Ian Douglas,  NewYorkTimes Best-selling Author of the Star Carrier Series

“Mission Veritas is far superior to anything the Hugo-nominated authors of the last two decades have foisted on us.”
Henry Brown, Author “False Flag” & “Hell and Gone”

“Mission Veritas is a riveting blend of military fiction and space invader drama.”
D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book

“In this multifaceted novel Mission Veritas, readers are treated to an epic adventure in the hard science fiction/military tradition.  This is a sweeping epic in the manner of Heinlein and Drake, and provides not only entertainment, but food for thought.  Impressive.”
Jason V. Brock, Author, Disorders of Magnitude and A Darke Phantastique

“The key to great storytelling is developing engaging characters and a good plot. Murphy has both in this fast-paced SciFi tale.”
Robin Ryan – Best-Selling Author

“The definition of a character driven novel. It starts with action, tension and keeps it to the end.”
Nathaniel Danes, Author of “The Last Hero”

What readers like YOU are saying…

“Intrigue, betrayal, and twists everywhere”
“Old school blood and guts military action, Interstellar politics and drama.”
“This would make an awesome movie!”
“It has quickly become one of my favorite books.”
“very original in its story line”
“reminiscent of Robert Heinlein’s military novels”
“Just the right amount of details without bogging down”
“Part Tom Clancey, part George Lucas”
“Plot is very well written and has you wanting more by the end.”


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