Fans and loyal readers of Mission Veritas have wanted to get to know some of the characters better – the inspirations behind the characters and what makes them tick.  We posed some of those questions to Author, John Murphy in a recent interview:


Q: Rumor has it that the lead character in Mission Veritas, Vaughn Killian is based on a real person.  Is that true?

 A: Yes, my youngest son. I even got face-modeling software to replicate his likeness. That was a journey all by itself.  Learning graphics is one thing, making people look like people is much harder than creating landscapes.

He looks much older now and has a beard. He’s been trekking across New Zealand and as of this writing is in Germany.  You could say he’s got the travel bug.  Here’s a link to his blog if you want to follow his travel adventures:










Q: You said “your youngest son.” Does he have siblings?

A: Yes, two older brothers. One is a video game producer and the other is an officer in the Marine Corps.


Q: Are they in the story somewhere?

A: Not in Mission Veritas, but in book two, yes. When writing, authors typically have someone they know in mind for each character of the story. We base the behaviors and actions off how the real person would behave. The characters based on my sons resemble their personalities. If you met any of them in real life you’d feel like you already know them.


Q: Are there any other characters based on friends or family?

A: Most of them, actually, but very loose interpretations. I’d have people I’ve known in mind but expound upon personality traits while creating someone very different. I would probably be the only one to see the resemblance.


photo credit: thunderbirds via photopin (license)

photo credit: thunderbirds via photopin (license)

Q: Do you suppose they would recognize themselves if and when they read your book?

A: I doubt it. Again, these are impressions, not snapshots.  Many of them were people I met over my lifetime, even back when I was in the Marine Corps.



If you have questions about any of the characters in Mission Veritas, please post them and we will try to ask the author during our next interview.

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