Let me clarify… The Birth of Carthenogen Tyranny. Even then, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint as they have been “with us” for millennia.

My name is Vulgus and I am in hiding. Like many of you, my family had been slaughtered by the Carthenogens under the guise of survival of the greater good.

Let me clarify some more before I begin. Vulgus is my pen-name, which means “the common people” or “the masses.”

I must take every precaution to guard my identity.

The other thing that is critically important for you to know is that it wasn’t a Carthenogen hand that butchered my parents before my eyes, it was my fellow human kind. No, the Carthenogens don’t ever get their hands bloody. They get humans, eager for power to do their bidding. Their unseen hands control everything, including which masses to kill, and which will survive. I have yet to fathom any reasoning for either.

Whatever you may have learned of the Carthenogens, I can attest that it is false, an illusion, propaganda. In my youth I became suspicious of things I was drilled on in class, supposed facts about the Carthenogens and mankind’s shameful, brutal history. Things I was taught did not add up. They did not make sense.

Several years later, after witnessing extreme violence and slaughter perpetrated by Global Alliance soldiers, I came to know the undeniable truth.

I have suffered a near catastrophic injury, which turned into a potential fortune, not for myself, and not in any monetary sense. The good fortune was in finding a cache of antiquated computers in a basement, all intact, and all operable. The thing that made them so valuable is they contained documentation of the early encounters with Carthenogens and their rise to power. Believe it or not, good reader, the Carthenogens had a great deal of opposition back in the 2030’s. Their rise was never portrayed as “obtaining power”, but rather, growing influence in world affairs, and in each and every thing that happened since.¬† Such opposition disappeared in short order, and my electronic records of news articles dried up. Then came the underground of information exchange, which did not portray congenial debates of how much influence Carthenogens should or should not have in day-to-day human affairs. No, they told of great attrocities that never made the news feeds.

This cache of computers is a treasure trove of facts, powered down and hidden away from the electronic network sweeps searching for such dissent. Through careful back-dating of information posts, I am able to relay this erased history, digest for you the vast volumes of information, and hide it in plain site, as sweeps continue looking for current era information. I embed articles such as the one you’re reading inside their own propaganda news feeds, to reveal themselves to the right seekers of information. By the time you read this, this, and other articles will be hidden globally.

It is my responsibility, before I die, to tell the real story of the Carthenogens, to get the truth into your hands. My injuries are dire, and I always wonder each night if I’ll see the next dawn. But I will, no, I must spend every waking moment¬†combing this cache of data, gleaning the truth, and relaying it to the world. Already, I must seem mad to you because the phrase “Carthenogen tyranny” must strike you as so foreign and strange that it must seem sacrilegious. Maybe I am mad. But, I saw what I saw, lived what I lived, and have records that prove to me that I was in no way unique.

Keep care of what you are about to learn. Share it with the utmost of prudence, so that others may know the truth of Carthenogen Tyranny. You risk death by reading this. Relaying this, as I’m sure you will become convinced is imperative, risks deaths of those you love. Not sharing this information means no fuel for rebellion against this tyranny, which will, without a doubt, mean, not the risk, but the certainty of death of you and millions around you. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

Share this, good reader. The survival of our species depends on it.


Resistere ad mortem.

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