The Vulgus Chronicles

Alien Impact on Human Existence – Carthenogen Rise to Power

Alien Impact on Human Existence – Carthenogen Rise to Power

My name is Vulgus. I have a cache of mid-twenty-first century computers that had been powered off and stored before the Global Alliance swept the World Net clean of independent human writings about Carthenogens. I have salvaged millions of documents exposing the debate over Carthenogen influence. Here is the best summary I found from a database called Omniscience commonly used during the times before complete Carthenogen control.

The Birth of Tyranny

My name is Vulgus, and I am in hiding. Like many of you, my family had been slaughtered by the Carthenogens under the guise of survival of the greater good.

Carthenogen Influence Through the Millennia

Every school child learns about the Carthenogens and how they’ve been mindful shepherds for humans throughout our history. We are told that they have always conducted themselves with a “non-interventionist” policy toward human affairs. Their role was...

Establishing a Frame of Reference

To begin with, I will recite for you what I had been drilled in school since I can remember. Then I will start to share with you summaries of the hundreds and thousands of articles from journalists and historians between the time of Day OneĀ of our new calendar,...

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