Your life has more meaning than you presently know.

BusinessCasualWhen you’re young and just starting out, it’s hard to decide what you want to be when you grow up. I’ve met many people in their forties still asking the same question.

You will, no doubt, experience many times, weeks, or months where you wonder, “What’s it all about? Why am I here?” You might be disappointed when you don’t come up with a good answer.

You might find yourself getting out of the military wondering where to go from there.

Millions of students graduate college with the same exact questions.

Even after several years in the workforce, you may still find yourself uncertain.

Having what appears to be a solid plan and a sure thing is no shield against these existential questions.

No matter what path you choose, you will always wonder if you would have been better off on another path.


Because there are difficulties on every path.

Everyone ponders these questions from time to time. Things rarely turn out as fantastic as you imagined.

The cards you’re dealt in life may make these questions seem all the more dire. Perhaps you’ve been injured in combat or a car accident, been fired, or unemployed for a long time. Perhaps you’ve failed in relationships or business, or had a death of a loved one. There are an infinite number of reasons for a dark outlook; some horrible, and some pretty minor.

Take your pick. They all work.

“Wait! What?”

Yes, they all work.

Life is a series of obstacles, whether physical, social, economic, or emotional. No one is immune.

Each obstacle provides you the opportunity to “give up” and blame the obstacle.

Others may agree that your obstacle was insurmountable and you were in the right to give up. Others will think or even say out loud, “You just gave up.”

Maybe the words don’t cross your lips, but, deep in your heart, you give yourself permission to stop trying. Another word for this is “excuse.” An excuse is something convenient to blame for your giving up.

Take hope. The human mind is the most incredible problem-solving machine on earth (and the universe for all we presently know). No other creature intentionally solves any problems whatsoever, they just live.

Look at the human world around you. Each and everything in it was once just a thought in someone’s head. An individual, much like yourself, saw a problem and figured out how to fix it. Sometimes it was revolutionary, like electricity, cars, airplanes, radio, TV, or computers. Sometimes it was just a tweak of what others had already produced, like clothing, furniture, or foodstuffs. Everything created by humankind is a solution to a problem, and each started out as an idea.

When you encounter a problem, big or small, your brain will work on solving it and it won’t stop until you give yourself permission to do so. It may not be perfect, but it’s a step that will lead you closer to a solution.

The world’s economy revolves around solving problems for one another. Some countries need a lot of food or fuel. Other countries provide these commodities and get paid. Anywhere you see money being exchanged for goods or services, one party has a problem, the other is solving it and getting paid.

Money2The bigger the problem, the more others will pay to have it solved.

If the problem is answering the phone for a business, it’s easy to train a person with little experience in an hour, so it doesn’t pay much. If the problem is rescuing a company that employs 100,000 people from losing a billion dollars a year to being profitable and saving thousands of jobs, someone will be paid really well. Think of all those families!

Do you ever have ideas for products you’d like to invent? You’re mentally solving a problem. Stores around the world sell millions of products that started out just like that, a solution to a problem someone else saw. Could your idea wind up solving a problem that millions of people would pay to solve?

Work in the service industry? The customers had a problem and paid your company to solve it. Your company needed someone to render the service, and paid you to solve that.

While some problems are solved with a product or service, others are intellectual or emotional.

Sometimes people want to learn how to play piano or trade on the stock market. Others solve the problem by teaching them how.

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them, or to get advice and encouragement, or to vent frustrations and worries. You may not get paid for solving such problems for friends and family, but therapists make a few hundred bucks an hour doing just that, because life problems sometimes feel huge.

Life’s problems can feel huge. The ripple effect on people whose lives you touch are greater than you can fathom. You touch their lives, inspire them, share ideas, and they go on to solve problems and touch the lives of others, all because of you.

If you are able to contemplate your place in the universe, you have the ability to solve problems. You are a problem solver, or, at the very least, you have the capacity.

If you’re still unsure of what to do with your life, put your mind to the task of solving the problem of how to discover and utilize your skills, abilities, personality, and presence on the planet. Ask a friend to help and they’ll likely be happy to.

The fantastic thing is . . . your mind will keep working at it until your quest is solved, unless, of course, you give yourself permission to stop.

3DFrontThrough Mission Veritas, aside from alien invasion and the grizzly aspects of war, I wanted to share a story about the universal struggle for acceptance and to overcome a past full of scars, physical and otherwise.

I hope my writing manages to have a positive impact on you, and, in turn, you have an impact on others. I take great comfort in that.

I’m still solving the problem of my own purpose in an otherwise blessed life. No one is immune from the quest.

Your life has more meaning, and reach, than you presently know.

Persistence leads to victory!


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